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My mission: to provide stylish, affordable, user-friendly communications design to working artists/performers and non-profit justice organizations. My portfolio includes web work like full sites and custom blogs, as well as revisions to existing sites. My ethics center around social justice and community-building, so I donate 4 hours of media work a week to small organizations. Feel welcome to contact me if you are part of a non-funded group seeking assistance.
I've created a DIY-blog setup package for clients who are interested in creating a "quick" web presence -- or I can build the whole thing for you. I have a passion for print design, and have designed and project managed all kinds of print work: from glossy magazines and promotional posters to tshirts! Why "Heels on Wheels"? Because I'm a lady who loves travel, adventure, fanciness and getting things done! And when it comes to design, I think style and speed are both important.